6 Reasons Why SMART Goal Setting Does Not Work for Female Entrepreneurs

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7 min readNov 16, 2021


Do you have a list of business goals? If you’re a female entrepreneur determined to be successful in business, I’m sure you do. You might even think of yourself as “goal-driven,” too. You understand how important setting goals is to stay focused, dedicated, and enthusiastic in achieving positive results.

The process of goal setting, however, is not just about thinking of what goals you want to achieve. The real question is, how effective are you in setting the right kind of goals?

This is why many people use SMART goal setting when they want a strategic method of planning and laying out milestones to further their business. When you use this method, you set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic/Relevant and Time-Bound. It basically helps you identify goals that you are sure to achieve, setting you up for success. Sounds perfect, right?

Not exactly. While SMART goal setting is a good method in general, it’s not that effective for female entrepreneurs. At least not entirely. Especially when they are trying to scale and grow their business.

The SMART method focuses heavily on action and getting results. It’s a masculine technique for hyper-masculine business industry. And as a business coach for women, I advocate for a more feminine way of doing business. I believe that we women have innate traits that give us an edge in the business world, if only we harness these strengths and put them to use.

Before anything else, I want to emphasize that when you’re trying to scale and grow your business, goal setting is only one of the many areas you need to constantly work on. Your business is a holistic entity. Each part works with another, and each one affects the other.

For example, when you want to set the right goals, you also have to make sure that they are aligned with your mission, vision, and core values. These topics fall under Planning (Area 2), in the “Women’s Blueprint to Business Success,” an essential area of scaling and growing your business. If you want to learn more about the other areas, check out my system, “The Women’s Blueprint to Business Success.

Now, going back, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t rely just on SMART goal setting when you want to be successful in business.

1. The SMART method doesn’t include feminine characteristics of setting goals

First of all, I’m not saying that the SMART method is inefficient. Far from it. Having focus and direction is important to achieving your goals. But these traits are masculine. And I believe that as women, we need to combine our own feminine traits, such as feeling and trusting.

In this male-dominated industry, we have been led to believe that emotions don’t have a place in business. I say no. Loving what you do and having a mindset of abundance goes a long way when you want to be successful.

2. Your goals shouldn’t just be SMART, you should be aligned with them

Feeling that alignment with your goals is another feminine trait that the SMART method does not consider when setting goals. When your goals are not aligned with who you are, with what your core values are, you won’t feel connected with them. But when they are aligned, you get that sense of purpose. You get that prosperous feeling where nothing can hold you back and everything lines up. Alignment brings positive energy and vibration, which is what you will attract in return.

3. SMART goal setting doesn’t encourage crazy ideas

SMART goal setting tells us to set goals that are realistic. But sometimes, when we’re inspired, we do get those crazy ideas. Grand or outrageous, but good ideas. Should we just set them aside for average and safe ones then? I don’t think so.

Let’s face it, having crazy ideas brings wonder and excitement. If you think to yourself, “Oh this is foolish, I can’t possibly do this,” you’re hindering your light and energy. Embrace your crazy ideas and attune yourself to them. Imagine yourself having already achieved them and act as if they already happened. This will train your brain and your vibration to be in an abundance state. And then combine this feminine trait with a masculine trait: taking action. Your crazy ideas will remain just that — ideas­­ — if you don’t start doing something to achieve them.

4. You don’t always have to know exactly what your next steps are

So, you had a crazy idea and you started taking steps to achieve this goal — what’s next?

Expect things to come your way. Trust that even though you don’t know what’s going to happen, something IS going to happen to help you on the way to achieving your goals. When you set things in motion, a shift in energy happens, you gain momentum. That’s the beauty of action: something happens and there’s movement.

And you may not know exactly what happens, or where it leads to, but being present and attuned to your goals will help you make those adjustments as you go along. You can steer yourself in the right direction. You just need to be connected with your goals and trust that you’re the right person to deal with them.

5. It doesn’t take into account your energy when setting and achieving goals

I always say that your mindset and energy play crucial roles when you’re trying to achieve your goals. When you love what you do, when you’re in a state of abundance, when you’re in movement, many doors and opportunities will open up for you. When all of these align, the universe steps in, and coincidences happen. And these will bring you a lot closer to your goals.

6. It doesn’t look into the possibilities

If you’ve been following the SMART method of setting goals, you’ll find that you were taught to be pragmatic, to avoid risks. But isn’t that the beauty of aiming higher? To look beyond your supposed capabilities and wonder how far you can go?

Well, I say be curious. Think about the possibilities. Remember, you would not get the idea or the desire if you would not be capable of achieving this goal. And if you are connected with it, if you do something about it, you will.

Summing it up

The SMART method is a good method. But it’s incomplete. It only touches on one part of goal setting and completely ignores the energy part, the abundance part, and the universe part. As a business coach for women, I train my clients to be aligned with these feminine characteristics and integrate them with them the typical masculine traits of doing business. This is also why I came up with my system, “The Women’s Blueprint to Business Success.” It’s a holistic approach that deals with 9 areas and 45 sub-areas of your business that you need to work on to achieve success.

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