8 Tips to Grow your Audience as a Female Entrepreneur

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7 min readSep 14, 2021

As female entrepreneurs, we know that social media plays a big role in promoting our businesses. For it to be effective, you need an audience to market your products or services to. And the bigger your audience is, the more potential clients you can reach.

But we all know how difficult the task of growing your audience can be. There’s so much going on in social media. Add to that the intense competition among countless brands vying to get noticed by customers. This is why it can really be challenging to capture the attention of your audience, let alone grow your number of followers on social media.

So what can you do?

Before I share tips on how to grow your audience, I must first emphasize that working on this alone won’t significantly impact the growth of your business. Growing an audience is just one of the many areas you need to focus on if you’re serious about scaling and growing your business.

With that said, here are some tips you can use to grow your audience on Facebook, Instagram, and other online channels.

1. Add friends and invite them to your Facebook Group

Facebook allows us to invite 50 friends a day. The strategy I use is I add 50 new people daily who are my target audience, and then ask them to join my Facebook Group, Powerful Business Women. This method may take some time, and the growth may be slow, but it’s an easy way to grow your Facebook audience. And I outsource this task to my assistant.

2. Invite all the friends you already have who are your target audience

You can also start with your immediate circle of friends. If they are your target audience, or if they at least want to support you and hear more about your business, invite them to your group.

Another thing you can do is to ask your friends to invite their friends to join your Facebook Group. It’s a simple yet effective way because a referral works better than cold-messaging people on their inbox.

3. Create a website for your Facebook Group and promote the link everywhere

When I promote my Facebook Group, I use a website that I created specifically for it. It gives me the freedom to put more information about the group, and basically anything else I want to share, instead of being restricted by Facebook rules.

This website is the link I put in my newsletters, videos, and other promotional materials, along with my call to action.

4. Create good content and engage with people

Content is number one when you’re trying to grow your social media following. If people are able to connect with your content, they’ll be more likely to stick around, comment, and share.

Now, how can you create engaging content? Know your ideal client and post images and captions that clearly represent your message. Use the appropriate hashtags, follow the right people, and initiate the discussion by commenting on relevant threads.

If content creation and social media management are not your expertise, outsource this task to professionals.

5. Invest in creating amazing content

Particularly for Instagram where images hold the most weight, investing in good-quality photos can really make a difference. You’ll attract more traffic to your profile when your posts look striking and professionally done. This is especially true when you’re in retail or selling products. If your images look good, your products look good too.

But design alone will not be convincing without a good copy to go with it. This is where a copywriter comes in. Captions are also as important in creating interest for your business.

The key is to be relatable. Use the right images and words, the right tone, and the right style to create a compelling story that your audience can respond to. This way, you can build a relationship with them and you have a better chance of winning them over as clients.

6. Start by engaging with people you already know

If you’re just starting out as a female entrepreneur, you can grow your audience by engaging people you already know. Reach out to your family and friends and you’ll already have an immediate following.

I know we usually don’t want to sell to friends or relatives, but you don’t actually have to sell to them. You can just enthusiastically talk about what you do and how you do it. And if they’re family and friends, they would like to know. And usually, the first customers of a launching business are people who are close to you.

7. Get client testimonials

I’ve written many articles about why a testimonial is important and how you can get good ones to boost your business. Aside from these points, testimonials also make for good content. They are recommendations for your business, without the need for hard selling or even self-promotion.

8. Create ambassadors

This tip flows from the two previous ones. Ambassadors love you and the product or service you have to offer. They rave about it. So when clients, friends, and family buy from you, make sure you get testimonials from them. People want to hear from real people about why your product or service is worth checking out. It builds trust. It shows that you are credible. Women, after all, usually don’t endorse products or services just for the money. They do it because they like the product and they’re sure others will like it too.

Summing it up

The question of how to grow an audience is something I often encounter as a business coach for women. Many women struggle to find their ideal audience and engage them meaningfully. And though I’ve shared many tips about how you can do this, it is still necessary that you know who your ideal client is and what your key messages are.

Not only that, but you also need to work on other areas such as branding and target-setting, and many other areas that simultaneously affect each other. Working on just one area will not make a remarkable difference to your business. What you need is a holistic approach. If you’re unsure how to get started, you can schedule a 15-minute call with me to see if I can help you achieve your goals.

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Tineke created the system “A Women’s Blueprint To Business Success.” She is a multi-awarded serial entrepreneur and is the author of the book “Maximum Business Growth For Women.